The Begining

Sedition formed in 1999 in the suburbs of South East Queensland. The band comprised; Sinclair Newey & Simon Kelly on guitar, Tyrrell Beck on drums, Bruce Vines on bass and Judd Newton singing. Quickly gaining popularity in their local scene, the band recorded a three track demo CD to break into the larger, Brisbane metal scene. Playing a predominantly traditional style metal, fans of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden regularly attended shows. Playing regular support gigs and with the help of Hell Metal on 4ZzZ Radio, the band became well known in Brisbane. They released their first full-length album ‘Arcane Secrets’ in 2001.

While the CD was well received overseas and enjoyed good reviews, it failed to be the platform to break new ground interstate the band had hoped for. Sedition continued to play regular gigs around Queensland and organised a series of all ages metal concerts in the Redland Shire collaborating with the local council.

Troubled Times

In 2003 Tyrrell Beck left Sedition and the band could not find a suitable drummer. Kelly, who used to play drums, decided to fill the position while Newton, a proficient guitarist, took on second guitar in addition to singing. The band, now a four piece, continued to play gigs and supported Melbourne metal heavyweights Pegazus around this time.

In 2004, unhappy with the direction the band was taking, Kelly and Newey decided to make drastic changes to the band by replacing Newton and Vines with new members and search for a drummer to return the band to a five piece unit. During the downtime, Newey started writing material and recording demos which would later become the basis for a concept album.

Sedition: Mk.II

In the middle of 2005 drummer, Brendan Moore was discovered and began learning the new material. Andrew Dowling was recruited on bass guitar around the same time. After a long failed search for a capable melodic vocalist, Newey convinced his session vocalist, Richard Ofsoski, to join the band. With a full line up, Sedition began rehearsing and making plans for gigs with the new line-up.

After the disbandment of Sydney power metal act Dungeon in December 2005, Dowling left Sedition to move to Sydney and play bass for Lord (which rose from the ashes of Dungeon). Subsequently, ex-Dungeon bass player, Glenn Williams was recruited to join the ranks of Sedition. In July 2007 the band decided to replace Williams with Simon Polhill on bass, bringing a 'Steve Harris' style sound to the band.

With most of the recordings finished for the new album, Polhill quickly learned the new songs and recorded them in August 2007. With the new album on the verge of being complete, the band decided to ad another song to the track list. This required the difficult process of achieving the same recorded sound and delayed the completion of the album into the next year.


Sedition released ‘World of Illusion’ in July 2008. The CD is a massive improvement over their last release, both in terms of song writing and recording/production quality. Fans of Iron Maiden and Queensryche will enjoy the new album. The band plans to tour behind the CD interstate and start working on the next album in early 2009.