23rd September 2008 - BMcR

Brismetal Records has added World Of Illusion to it's catalogue and has also added one of our songs to the BMcR compilation CD. Plus we will be playing at the launch of the CD on December 5th. Here's their latest statement;

Monday, August 25, 2008.

The Brismetal.com Compilation CD is planned for release within the next eight weeks, leading up to a launch gig confirmed for 5th December 2008 @ Monstrothic (Rosies Live). With twelve tracks spanning across a true variety; this disc absolutely showcases what makes Brisso bands stand out, and is entirely locally produced - from tracks, original artwork and pressing through to mastering and distribution.

Bands to feature include Born From The Ashes, Moon, Defamer, Sakkuth, From Whence It Come, Bonesaw, Skyp! and Sedition. BMcR are also proud to present previously unreleased tracks from local faves including 308, Violent Green, Dead Letter Opener and Phalanx - exclusively available on the compilation at this time.

BMcR look forward to presenting this original, collectible piece of aural & visual Brisbane art. Details including release date, our launch gig and tracklist will be released in the near future!


23rd July 2008 - New website online

Sedition finally has a new website… and a new CD. It’s been a long time coming but we a very happy to announce the release of ‘World of Illusion’. You can listen to clips of the tracks in the media section and buy it online via the store.

We plan to play shows in Melbourne, Sydney and (of course) Brisbane in support of the CD so keep an eye out for any gigs listed. Speaking of gigs… we are playing the August ‘Metal of Honor’ with Lord on the 22nd. It’s pretty much our CD launch too so we’ll have them there for purchase.

I’ll be uploading more content to the site over the next few days.

Take care and stay metal!